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LN-BNK (Photo: Jan-Olav Martinsen 1979)

Oslo Airport/Fornebu (ENFB/FBU), Norway
Photo: © courtesy of Jan-Olav Martinsen
Original photo at www.airpics.com 


Manufacturer: The de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd.; Garrett Boulevard, Downsview, Ontario M3K 1Y5, Canada.
Manufacturer's Model: DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
Customer's Model: n/a
Type Certificate No: Canadian DOT Type Approval No: A-82
FAA Approved Type Certificate No: A9EA
MFG Serial Number: 568
Customer's Serial Number: n/a
Manufacturing Date: 1977-12-??
Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-27 (620 shp)
Reg. No. Date Remarks
LN-BNK 1977-12-?? Manufacturing date.
1977-12-15 First flight.
1978-01-11 Officially delivered from de Havilland Canada to
Widerøes Flyveselskap AS; Oslo, Norway.
1978-02-09 Registered on Norwegian CAR (C of R No: 1658) to
Widerøes Flyveselskap AS; Oslo, Norway.
1980-03-07 Aircraft hit by DC-9 jetblast at Tromsø Airport/Langnes (TOS).
1980-03-27 Rudder replaced by rudder from LN-BNS.  Previously installed on LN-BER (1971- 1978).
1981-01-16 Cracks on both elevator hinges repaired.
1981-11-?? According to unconfirmed reports; Just before reaching cruise altitude the passenger airstair door partly opened and had to be kept closed by a passenger holding it until landing.
1982-03-11 Crashed into the sea outside Gamvik, Finnmark, flying route WF933 between Berlevåg Airport (BVG) and Mehamn Airport (MEH).  The aircraft was flying Wideröe's scheduled route WF933 Kirkenes (KKN) - Vardø (VDS) - Berlevåg (BVG) - Mehamn (MEH) - Hammerfest (HFT).  Crew (2) and all 13 passengers were killed.

Peer Christian Hovring, Bærum (Capt.) (B 1943-12-17) - never found.
Hans Breines, Mosjøen (2P) (B 1955-04-04)

Aksel Jentoft Hansen, Berlevåg (B 1917-12-14)
Valter Eugen Hansen, Vadsø (B 1932-03-21)
Hjalmar Arnt Fredrik Henriksen, Vadsø (B 1940-04-16)
Hermod Edmund Jensen, Vadsø (B 1946-04-24)
Kjell Jørgen Jenssen, Kjøllefjord (B 1957-11-12)
Arild Jessen, Alta (B 1943-10-03)
Audun Jessen, Alta (B 1976-06-23)
Stein Åge Nilsen, Honningsvåg (B 1958-12-13)
Johnny Leo Olsen, Tromsø (B 1942-10-30)
Knut Sandtrøen, Vadsø (B 1958-10-07)
May-Britt Sandtrøen, Vadsø (B 1960-09-07)
Gunfrid Torgersen, Berlevåg (B 1969-09-06)
Leif Agnar Torgersen, Berlevåg (B 1945-05-10)

1982-03-14 The wreck was found by a fishing boat at 40 m depth, 1100 m from Lille Omgang, Nordkynnhalvøya, approximately 17 km E of Mehamn (MEH).
1982-03-15 First bodies recovered from the wreck.
1982-03-17 The diving company "Nordive" started the work of recovering the wreckage and the last bodies.  Wreckage and part were taken aboard the fishing vessel M/S "Hugo Trygvasson".
1982-03-20 The last of 14 bodies found was taken up.  The body of Capt. Hovring was never found.
1982-03-30 Cancelled from Norwegian CAR.


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