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Bromma Airport (BMA/ESSB), Sweden
31 July 1987
Photo: © courtesy Rolf Larsson
Original photo at www.airpics.com 


Manufacturer: The de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd.; Garrett Boulevard, Downsview, Ontario M3K 1Y5, Canada.
Manufacturer's Model: DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
Customer's Model: n/a
Type Certificate No: Canadian DOT Type Approval No: A-82
FAA Approved Type Certificate No: A9EA
MFG Serial Number: 411
Customer's Serial Number: n/a
Manufacturing Date: 1974-05-??
Engines: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-27 (620 shp)
Reg. No. Date Remarks
1974-05-?? Manufacturing date.
1974-05-28 First flight.
1974-07-12 Officially delivered from de Havilland Canada to Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas.
1979-03-?? Air Inuit Ltd.; Box 89, Fort Chimo, Quebec J0M 1C0, Canada.
1983-01-18 Cancelled from Canadian CAR as "exported to USA".
HK-2950X 1983-01-?? Leased by Helicopteros Nacionales de Colombia ("Helicol") S.A.; Nueva zona general de Aviación vía Catam Entrada 6, Bogotá D.C. - Colombia.  Regisered on Colombian CAR.
1984-??-?? Cancelled from Colombian CAR on return to Air Inuit; Canada.
C-FHBR 1984-08-?? Air Inuit Ltd.;  Box 89, Kuujjuaq, Quebec J0M 1C0, Canada.
1985-07-05 Cancelled from Canadian CAR on export to Norway.


1985-07-10 Temporarily registered on Norwegian CAR to
Norsk Forurensningskontroll AS; Bodø, Norway.
1985-08-02 Cancelled from Norwegian CAR on lease to LAR; Portugal.
CS-TFF 1985-??-?? Registered on Portuguese CAR to LAR - Ligações Aereas Regionais; Portugal.
1987-??-?? Cancelled from Portuguese CAR.
LN-FKG 1987-07-17 Temporarily registered on Norwegian CAR to
Einar Ditløvsen & ptnr; Tromsø, Norway.
1987-07-31 Application for Swedish registration from Einar Lindström AB; Skellefteå, Sweden.
1987-09-07 Bill of Sale to Einar Lindström AB; Skellefteå, Sweden.
1987-09-10 Cancelled from Norwegian CAR on export to Sweden.
SE-IYP 1987-10-01 Registered on Swedish CAR to
Enar Lindström AB; Storgatan 21, SE-931 32 Skellefteå, Sweden.
1987-10-01 Operated by Swedewings AB; Skellefteå, Sweden.
1990-06-20 Operator: Air Hudik.
1992-09-?? Returned to Skellefteå and stored.
1993-04-02 Bill of Sale to Atlas Air Service GmbH; Ganderkesee, Germany.
1993-05-04 Cancelled from Swedish CAR on export to Germany.
D-IVER 1993-05-?? Registered on German CAR to
Atlas Air Service GmbH; Ganderkesee, Germany.
  JMP Business Wings; Germany.
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Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas
August 1975
Photo: © Ruben Husberg Collection

SE-IYP (Photo: Rolf Larsson 1990)

Umeå Airport (UME), Sweden
02 June 1990
Photo: © Rolf Larsson via Ruben Husberg Collection

SE-IYP (Photo: Rolf Larsson 1991)

Skellefteå Airport (SFT), Sweden
28 July 1991
Photo: © courtesy Rolf Larsson

Kassala Airport (KSL), Sudan
31 July 2000
Photo: © Ruben Husberg Collection

D-IVER (Photo: Sebastian Roxman 2009)

Operated by Businesswings Luftfahrtunternehmen
Stavanger Airport/Sola (ENZV), Norway
28 April 2009
Photo: © courtesy Sebastian Roxman

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